Please complete the steps below

to become a member of our Flower CSA!

STEP ONE: Read Our CSA Agreement

You are responsible for understanding our CSA Agreement and holding to the terms of our CSA. Please click here to read the full CSA Agreement.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a symbiotic relationship between farmers and consumers. By purchasing a local flower CSA, you are buying a share in the harvest. Your CSA share is essentially a flower bouquet subscription. Your pre-season investment will help us—the farmers!— get everything we need for the growing season like seeds, landscape fabric, propagation house, and more. In return, you will receive one large and luscious market-style bouquet of locally grown and foraged blooms!

STEP TWO: Payment

Free Hand Farm offers several options for our Flower CSA. Our CSA season is 20 weeks long, running from June 3rd to October 21st.

Pollen Basket Share (in vase/delivery only):

20 weeks for $600

Available for business delivery only with priority the SE Clinton neighborhood.

Vase will be chosen to match the aesthetic of your space. If you are a business interested in buying your regular flower arrangements straight from a local farm, this is the one for you! These bouquets are delivered by Free Hand flower farmers to your awesome business.

Bumble Share:

20 weeks $500

Your garden variety flower-savant is swooning for the Bumble Share. 20 full weeks of bouquets available for pick-up on Monday evenings at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply on SE Powell.

Bumblebeebee Share:

10 weeks for $250

Another great option for the flower-savant in your life, or a fabulous way to show some love to yourself. Bouquets will be available for pick-up on a biweekly basis at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply on SE Powell.

Monthly Share:

5 monthly shares for $125

One market-style bouquet every month during the local growing season. This share is perfect for the summer traveler, busy family, or someone just looking for an affordable option to keeping steady flow of flowers around.

A single, succulent bouquet available for pick-up every second Monday of June, July, August, September, October at Naomi's Organic Farm Supply on SE Powell (June 10th, July 8th, August 12th, September 9th, and October 14th).

Community Punch Card:

5 redeemable bouquets for $125

This option is for the working-class flower lovers who want to enjoy some homely blooms at the whim of their desire all season long. Bouquets are available for pick-up by request on any Monday between June 3rd and Oct. 14th at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply on SE Powell. To redeem a bouquet on your punch card, simply email us at least 24 hours before Monday evening pick ups at Bouquets are harvested early Monday morning. All punches must redeemed during the 2019 growing season.