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About Us

Free Hand Flower Farm was founded by Nathan and Khefri in 2018. Together they live in a farmhouse circa 1900 on 2 acres of land in the outer limits of Oregon City, between Carver and Barton. Khefri is the main flower lover and savant. Nathan is our dedicated handiman, jack of all trades, and experienced veggie farmer.

Khefri’s passion for flowers has been unrelenting since the women in her family taught her the radiating joy of flowers through their spring potting and wildflower seed rituals. She appreciates everything from a delicate single stem in a vase to a luscious, vibrant, bouquet centerpiece. She finds meaning in this work by remembering the line of strong women behind her that shared their love for flowers. Her mother swoons for a wild, spindly display of cosmos. Her grandmother punctuates containers with sweet Alyssum and Candytuft for the way they reflect the night light like a summer-snow phenomenon, and her great-grandmother grew roses and sweet peas in the garden behind her tiny pink house.

The magic of this work lives in knowing that these flowers hold meaning and tell untold, sometimes untellable stories of our past. They remind us. Flowers bring people together in awe and celebration and sometimes in grief or forgiveness. It is exactly that emotion and those everyday, human moments that Khefri and Nathan grow flowers for. They are so grateful to be living a life rich with as much beauty as this.

To learn more about Khefri and Nathan’s story or follow along as the story develops follow them on Instagram at @Free_Hand_Farm

The Farmers

Khefri Azure
Grower, Florist/Designer

Nathan Hanley
Grower, Fabricator


Free Hand Rodeo Queens
(The Goats)

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The Tree Climber

The Baby