Join Free Hand Farm’s Flower CSA!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a symbiotic relationship between farmers and consumers. By purchasing a local flower CSA, you are buying a share in the harvest. Your CSA share is essentially a flower bouquet subscription. Your pre-season investment will help us, the farmers, get everything we need for the growing season like seeds, landscape fabric, a greenhouse, and more. In return, you will receive one large and luscious bouquet of cut, arranged flowers!

Our CSA runs from June 2nd through October 20th, with weekly and biweekly options. That’s up to 20 weeks of floral bounty to give to yourself or as a gift to someone you love!

Stunning, local bouquets delivered weekly to your home or business.

Free Hand Farm is located in Oregon City outer city-limits, just south of Portland. We use small-scale, high-intensity production techniques to farm on just over a 1/4 acre. Our 20-week CSA bouquet subscription runs June 2nd to Oct. 20th with pick up at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply located at 3454 SE Powell Blvd. Our shares range from $300-$700 depending on half or full share terms and business or home accounts. Bouquets are made up of both cultivated and wild harvested flowers and foliage.

Free Hand Farm was founded by Nathan and Khefri in 2018 with the invaluable support of dear friends. Nathan has experience apprenticing for 3 seasons growing organic veggies for CSA and Khefri’s passion for filling her life with plants and flowers led them to focus on growing flowers as their primary crop. Together they believe in building a life of ample beauty and joy and the self-reliance and hard work it takes to achieve both.

As an organization, we are advocates of sustainable, seasonal, and locally sourced flowers—we opt in to the Slow Flower movement. In kind, we take care of and respect the land that we work by composting our waste, sourcing materials ethically and locally, and working by the power of our hands and bodies instead of oil-fueled machines.

Most importantly, we are believers in the joy that flowers hold. They tell untold, sometimes untellable stories of our past. They remind us. They bring people together in awe and celebration and sometimes in grief or forgiveness. It is exactly that emotion and those moments that we grow flowers for.